Hurricane Irma Crisis Response


A dedicated group of Verdad and Vertical team members drove day and night for two weeks to provide generators to our partners who were impacted by Hurricane Irma. We are grateful that we were able to help not only our partners but also the people in Florida.

"Honestly since I lived this during Katrina with my own family, it was difficult to see so many people having their lives turned upside down but I am proud to say I work with a company who truly stepped up to do their part for not just our partners but the citizens of Florida. We were able to deploy generators to our 7-11 partners so they were able to get fuel to the thousands of people trying to get back to their homes. We also delivered to BKs from Jacksonville down to Miami and with no stores open we heard from customers who pulled in thanking us because it was difficult to get a hot meal with the entire state being without power for so long. In fact, we had power turned on our last bk at 5pm tonight. That's a long time without power and we know the surrounding homes had to wait that long as well.
We can't forget our accounting dept and others at the office who worked diligently to provide support. They were on calls with us as late as 10:30pm working through challenges." - Shawn Burkett, Vertical CM Project Manager