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Misty Daniel

Misty has lived in the DFW area all her life – born in Irving and now lives in Bedford. Family is THE most important thing to her. Misty has been with her husband, John for 8 years and together they have three “girls”: Margaret Grace (their daughter), Whiskers Roo (Wheaton Terrier mix), and Ginger Rose (Jack Russell Terrier mix). Professionally she has a BBA in Marketing and was in the marketing/advertising field for about six years. Her first job after college – radio and print for Domino’s Pizza – was her favorite (so far). Misty has been in the construction/real estate industry over 13 years now.

Misty used to love swimming in the lake or river growing up, but developed a huge fear of lakes at age 15 after hitting something near shore.


Contact Info

Office: Dallas

P: 817.912.0504

E: mdaniel@verdad.com

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