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Ryan Orr

Ryan’s hometown is Sunset, LA, and has lived in Texas since she was 3. At Verdad she handles all things 7-Eleven. Ryan has a son Dominik (6), and a daughter Dylan (3). Outside of work, she LOVES taking pictures, antique stores/estate sales/flea markets and is always on a treasure hunt. She enjoys hearing the stories behind certain treasures she comes across. Ryan’s newest treasure hunt is baseball/basketball cards for her son (his favorite sports besides fishing). She also loves good music, so they dance a lot! Dylan is her “Tiny Dancer,” so they “Shake it off” and “Roar” A LOT, because you know, “It’s All About That Bass”! (Thank you T.Swift, Katy Perry, and Meghan Trainor.)

Ryan LOVES shopping—anywhere, everywhere and typically not for herself. She loves giving meaningful gifts.


Contact Info

Office: Dallas

P: 817.328.0297

E: rorr@verdad.com

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